ASTACAP Registration

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Registration is due by February 1st, 2024
(late registration only considered for Comments Only)

Please contact with any questions or issues.

The in-person exam option will be held 

Saturday, February 24th, 2024 at
UCO School of Music

The live exam will last different lengths depending on the level of the exam and duration of music being performed.

Students need not stay all day for the exam, they should arrive early enough before their time to warm up and expect the exam to last as follows:

The ASTACAP site coordinator will try to group siblings at coordinated times to limit the amount of time participants are required to be on campus. Detailed maps and parking maps will be emailed after final registrations are collected.

2024 ASTACAP Site Coordinator: Meryl Geib

405-655-4131 (call/text)

Fees for the ASTA-OK ASTACAP Exam are as follows:

$30 for Foundation-Level 3

$35 for Level 4-Level 6

$40 for Levels 7 & 8

$45 for Levels 9 & 10