ASTACAP Registration

If you registered for the 2020 ASTACAP Exam, check your email for information about scheduling with your exam monitor. Make a trusted sender in order to receive this important information.

Due to closures associated with COVID-19 ASTA-OK will administer a virtual ASTACAP Exam this year. Students will "meet" with an exam monitor via a video conferencing app to record their exam, this recording will be viewed by the examiner and comments/grades awarded. (Once the exam is complete all videos will be permanently deleted.)

2020 ASTACAP Oklahoma Exam is scheduled for April 18th in Tulsa and both April 18th & 19th in Edmond. Please read more about our locations and initial examiners on the 2020 Exam Details.

ASTA members can view the ASTACAP handbook by logging into your profile at

Fees for the ASTA-OK ASTACAP Exam are as follows:

$30 for Foundation-Level 3

$35 for Level 4-Level 6

$40 for Levels 7 & 8

$45 for Levels 9 & 10

Please use the registration form below, we recommend filling it out on a computer with advice on scales, etudes, & music from your teacher. If you do not fill out this information we will contact your teacher for the information. Thank you!

(For teachers or families needing financial assistance to take the exam please contact for advice on reduced fees or opportunities for Mini-Grants.)

Registration for 2020 is closed, please talk to your teacher about future exam opportunities.