2022 ASTACAP Exam Date Set!

ASTA-OK will be holding the ASTACAP Exams on February 19, 2022 at the University of Central Oklahoma. We will be offering a modified virtual option for those who cannot travel to our live exam or have conflicting events. As a reminder the teacher entering students in the exam must be a current member of ASTA.


Participating Teachers

Aug 11th Information about ASTACAP

Please look through our presentation from the August 11, 2019 Information Meeting for how ASTACAP can benefit your school or studio.

Read below for additional information.

The ASTA Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP) provides students with an incremental means of achieving playing goals, motivating them to persevere and excel in their instrument studies.

  • There are eleven levels of graded curricula for violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, and guitar.

  • The requirements and repertoire for each instrument are available on the ASTA National Website. Please be sure to have your ASTA user name and password available to gain access to these files.

  • ASTACAP provides definite goals and awards for all students, from beginner to advanced levels, through non-competitive examinations.

  • Students are judged on technical and musical preparedness at specific levels—Foundation Level through Level 10—by an examiner of musical and pedagogical stature.

  • Each level is defined by a set of technical and musical goals (for instance: starting vibrato, third position, sense of style), along with corresponding study material.

  • Completion of each level is demonstrated at a performance exam. The student plays one or more pieces, an etude, scales, and arpeggios. The student is also asked to sight read.

  • The student’s success is recognized by ASTA with the awarding of a Certificate of Achievement for each level successfully completed.

  • ASTACAP adjudicators include some of the most prominent musicians and teachers in the state.

Teachers of all traditions find that ASTACAP complements and strengthens their programs. As a result of its great success in several ASTA state chapters, it was adopted as a national program in 2004. Benefits to ASTACAP teachers and students include, but are not limited to:

  • Uniformity of expectations between states.

  • Continual feedback through an examiner’s comments on student progress.

  • Documentation of achievements that can be used when applying to youth orchestras, summer music camps, and college admission.

  • Professionally designed and printed certificates for students.

  • Member access to the ASTACAP handbook online. (PDF format.)

  • Access to a marketing brochure about the ASTACAP program to use for recruitment. (PDF format.)

  • Use of a specially designed ASTACAP logo for teachers to use on materials and cards.

  • Listing of participating teachers on the ASTA national website.

ASTACAP detailed information